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• Let's shatter the ice •


My name is Steven and I am a user-centred, design-oriented, mobile developer.

Basically, I build apps with a specifically strong focus on iOS app development (iPhone/iPad apps for those who aren't familiar with iOS). More importantly, I build experiences for users! Also being self-taught in design, I have worn many hats as a consultant on startup tech projects, musical director at my church and credit union representative.

My tools of craft begin with a MacBook Pro 15" retina display complimented by a Samsung 27" monitor. Software wise, I tend to try and learn different, new software to get the job done but I predominantly frequent Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, etc) along with Xcode for development purposes.

Outside of mobile app development, I have had the opportunity to work and be recognized in the field of telecommunications, digital marketing, photography and credit union governance.


• my reason •

I like to believe that I exist to teach, contribute, inspire and help improve the lives and experiences of others around me. To that effect, I want to see a brighter future in all of the people I come into contact. I believe that integrity and loyalty still exist in today's world that focuses predominantly on corruption.

Treating people fairly and communicating to show that like them, I am also capable of mistakes and admit to not knowing everything.

My intentions are to deliver honest and quality work. I am open to doing things differently and would commend you for being encouraged to do the same!



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