During my bachelors degree, two (2) of my friends and I joined a Microsoft Mobile App Workshop and Competition under the name "Ka$hInc" and placed second with what was then called "What's Hott B'dos". This app was designed to assist tourists with locating things to do on the island of Barbados. The app was submitted to the Windows Phone App Store but due to school and other limitations, was not updated nor maintained.

Three (3) years later, as our career paths lead us in distinctively different directions, our new found skillsets caused us to revisit our old project. Another one of our friends joined us in conceptualising, designing and delivering what we know today as "Plug In".


Plug In

Plug In is designed to make your event journey super easy and convenient!

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Why Plug In?

Plug In was conceptualised to alleviate the burdens of finding information on events. Many times we realised that events were poorly attended because they have been fighting for attention on a timeline filled with the likes of fitness/gym junkies, food porn and birthday posts. We have each personally experienced the stress of knowing the time the event begins, let alone its location. We believe that we could make this easier.

Together with our skills, we have created a platform that efficiently manages and centralises information on events. Users can quickly check, plan and share information, saving them lots of time from the tedious hints they used to beg for from a swing in the dark on a timeline that wasn't catered to the needs of an event.